It’s what you do next that matters most.


I’m 33 years old, and I am a father, a husband, a speaker, a Paralympian, a congenital amputee, and a catalyst of NoXcuses Mindset.

Born missing my right leg above the knee, it would have been easier for me to just put my back on a corner and let this be my crutch as I go through life, but I believe in taking control of my life, of overcoming (and ignoring) barriers, of ridding the excuses that stop me from meeting my full potential, thus, the NoXcuses Mindset was born.

As an athlete and Paralympian, sports has been my vehicle to share my passions, the physical manifestation of my core values – guts, grit, determination, focus and resilience, the building blocks of NoXcuses.

This positivity and belief that I can be more, led me to volunteer as an ambassador to Zero2Hero, advocate for children and adolescent mental health, and aspire to build the first Blade Library in Australia where young amputees can fulfill their dream of running.

And it doesn’t have to end here – let me share my passion for learning and growing. Let me uplift and empower you to stop making that one excuse that’s been holding you back.

It is time to take action and be your own catalyst… it is what you do next that matters most!

Join the NoXcuses Nation, and take control of your life.

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Above are highlights of me speaking at the Corporate PA Summit hosted by ThinkTank Media and the Underwriting Agencies Council conference.

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It's what you do next that matters most.

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