Brant helps
people to stop
making excuses &
redefine possible

His Keynote Speaking, Workshops, Mentoring and
Coaching Show Audiences A New Way Forward.


His Keynote Speaking, Workshops, Mentoring and Coaching Show Audiences A New Way Forward


I am a father, husband, congenital amputee, Paralympian, motivational speaker and creator of the No Xcuses Mindset.

Born missing my right leg below the knee, I could have taken the easy route, curled up in a corner and given up.

Instead, I chose to take control of my life.

I chose to overcome barriers and rid myself of the excuses that were stopping me from reaching my full potential.

And thus, the No Xcuses Mindset was born.

As an athlete and Paralympian, I use sports to physically express my core values: guts, grit, determination, focus and resilience. These are the building blocks of No Xcuses.

This positive mindset and unerring self-belief has transformed me into a world champion athlete and an advocate for mental health. I want to share my passion for learning and growing, and help others transform their own lives.

Audiences around the world have been empowered and uplifted by my talks. I give people the tools to stop making that one excuse that’s been holding them back.

Let me show you how to take action and be a catalyst to make the change you want to make. 

Join the No Xcuses Nation and take control of your life.


Every person has it within them to transform their life and achieve the impossible. In each episode of “The No Xcuses Show” I interview a different accidental hero: people who have overcome insurmountable odds or embraced skills they didn’t know they had and are now working to change the world.

These inspirational guests share their stories, expertise and passion. They provide a living example of what happens when you don’t accept excuses and barriers, and offer viewers their advice and wisdom so that they, too, can pursue their dreams.

Check out the latest episode of “The No Xcuses Show” and hear firsthand what others have achieved when they learned to stop making excuses.


From a young age, I was told that I would never be able to run or achieve my dreams of athletic glory because I was born missing my right leg above the knee. For a long time I accepted this excuse, and by the time I was 28 years old I found myself just coasting through life, bored and uninspired.

Eventually I learned to stop making excuses, to stop letting obstacles derail my dreams of success. I embraced the impossible, started running and training, and eventually my resilience paid off. I became the first Australian above-the-knee amputee to compete in an Ironman Triathlon. Not only did I complete the 3.8 km swim, 180 km ride and 42 km run, but I set a world record in the process.

From there I went on to become the first Australian Paratriathlete in my category to participate in the Paralympics. I was a champion at the Oceania Paratriathlon and the National Paratriathlon four years in a row. I came in first at the 2014 ITU World Paratriathlon Event in Japan and at the 2015 ITU World Paratriathlon Championship in Australia. I am now training for the Kona Ironman in 2020, the most difficult race in the world.

Check out my About Me page to learn more about my story.


No Xcuses is not just about achieving your own dreams and celebrating your individual success. It’s about lifting others up and helping them reach their own goals.

No Xcuses Nation is a global community of people who are passionate about supporting and inspiring each other. Become a part of the movement of people embracing the No Xcuses Mindset.

By joining No Xcuses Nation, you’ll become a member of our team. You’ll receive a weekly update from me, where I share my incredible experiences and the life lessons I’ve learned. I’ll provide tools to inspire you and create momentum.

Help lift others up while you take control of your own life at the same time. Join No Xcuses Nation today!