Your Celebrating Success Checklist

Looking back over the last few years I noticed a trend…

I am dreadful at celebrating my successes. I know when I have done well – or not – so any reflection on my success is often fleeting at best, although usually non-existent.

It has taken some serious soul-searching to work out why I don’t make time to stop and celebrate my achievements, whether they’re big or small. To be honest, I think it’s because I’m so single-minded and focused on reaching my next goal, I didn’t think it really mattered.

But it does. And, I’ve since learnt why.

So, I want to share with you two recent achievements.

Last weekend I raced at Devonport in Tasmania at my first Triathlon World Cup Event. There was a brutal headwind on the bike and it felt like the bike wanted to roll backward on the way out and wanted to take off on the way back in. I had a clear race plan which I executed (almost) perfectly; a little mistake – not putting my helmet in the box in transition – resulted in a 10-second penalty. Everything else went to plan and I won. I love the rush and tingles I get grabbing the ribbon as I cross the finish line. It is very rare to run the almost perfect race and it’s the best feeling when you truly feel like you had a good race. After all, that’s why I do it.

So, having made a conscious decision to begin celebrating my successes, I took a moment after the race to do just that. The event organisers handed out bottles of champagne to crack open on the podium. It evoked images of Formula 1 drivers and Tour de France winners, and I thought if they can do it, so can I. So I did! And loved it. I was able to live out a childhood dream!

Why did I celebrate this time over other races? Because since having my son Olek, I’ve been able to appreciate the small things more and because crossing the finish line I truly felt happy with the race and the result.

Another success would have to be the race in Melbourne. it was not so much about the race result, but it was running down the finishing chute and Hi-fiving my son Olek.I felt so proud being able to share my race with Olek for the first time. I want Olek to be able to look up to me no matter the results are, and that success takes many forms – including being there for the people you love and sharing special moments in time with them.

Here are just a few of the reasons I’m now celebrating my successes:

It’s worth sharing!

It isn’t necessarily just about you. Give others a chance to share your achievements with you. For the few or the many who helped you get where you are today. Your success can mean just as much to the people around you, sometimes more.

Also, what you do may inspire others who are facing a similar challenge. Seeing you show up, give it a go and even conquer the seemingly impossible may give someone else the confidence to tackle their challenge head on.

It feels good…so good!

When we celebrate our success the brain releases a chemical called dopamine which makes us feel good, and it makes us want more. So, set some small and big goals and see how you go. It could be as simple as writing a to-do list and crossing the completed tasks off the list, giving you many many opportunities to celebrate success. But be careful – dopamine is addictive – you might just find yourself setting and achieving more goals than ever before!


As the saying goes “success leaves clues.”

Learn from what works and why; see if you can replicate this and put it to use to achieve another.

Celebrate success, no matter how great or small, as your sense of accomplishment will not only make you feel good and more confident but will propel you toward your next goal.


Celebrating success – take stock of what you have done well. Cultivate this mindset by focusing on the positive. We all get so caught up in the negatives of life and business; what we can improve upon and what we can do better. But, even more, powerful than this is focusing on what works well and celebrating a win — Builds self-belief etc.

Don’t let your next success pass you by. Pause, Reflect, Celebrate. You deserve it!

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