Corporate Speaking

Brant’s keynote speeches promote the power of goal-setting and determination. This makes him a perfect fit for corporate organisations, as well as for corporate retreats and events. His talks are captivating and engaging as he relates his personal journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way. He shares his failures as well as successes, delivering the important message that setbacks and low points can inspire you to dig deeper within yourself and make you even more determined to achieve your goals.

Whenever he’s invited to speak at a corporate event, he brings with him a jolt of energy that leaves audiences buzzing. He has a natural flair for reaching people and tells his stories with humour and warmth. Brant radiates confidence and enthusiasm, leaving attendees feeling that they too can achieve their goals with the right mix of resilience, determination and a positive outlook.

Brant genuinely wants the people who hear him talk to succeed. Through his motivational speeches he wants to relate with people, to connect his struggles to their own and show them that setting and achieving goals is not impossible. He gives them the tools they need to go out and accomplish what they thought they couldn’t.

Youth Speaking

Brant has long believed in the power of instilling young people with positive mindsets. That’s why he launched the Resilience Project, to inspire students to chase their dreams, reach their goals and fulfill their destinies. He gives them the tools they need to live a lifetime of resilience and achieve their wildest dreams.

His talks to students and school groups are open, relatable and down to earth. Brant uses humour and his own inspiring life story to connect with students on a personal level. He shows them that a lifetime of success can be achieved if you support others, remain driven and don’t accept excuses. His positivity and confidence provide a model for students to follow as they set out to achieve their own goals.


Throughout his life and career, Brant has learned the value of teaming up with others and working together to accomplish a common goal. When forming partnerships with different organizations, the most important thing to Brant is that the organizations share his values, such as promoting strong community responsibility or the value or positive mental health.

Brant has proudly partnered with many organizations in the past to promote these goals, including HBF, Giant Bicycles and Brooks Running. He’s always on the lookout for other groups and organizations that share No Xcuse’s principles of supporting others, remaining resilient and the power of a positive outlook.

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