It’s What You Do Next That Matters.

When most people think of a commercial, they think of selling a product. However, the process of filming the HBF commercial felt more like making a movie. The amount of work, time and energy that was dedicated to creating this story was stunning. Shooting for 22 hours to create one minute of content, and seeing the sheer amount of people working to capture the perfect moment is the most amazing organized chaos I’ve ever seen. In front of the camera it was just me. But behind the scenes, there were so many people giving it their all to make sure everything was in place.

What struck me most was the willingness to take it to another level. The things that made this shoot challenging was also what made it so extraordinary. The vision was to create a more natural campaign. It allowed me to tell my story, and share what happened in Rio. I loved this opportunity; however it was also a challenge to appear completely natural. My past work with advertising has been very hyped up. Speaking as though I was simply having a conversation with a friend might have sounded easy; but it was something new for me. I found it difficult, but it gave me the chance to step out of my comfort zone.

Working with an amazing crew, doing take after take, trying to capture just the perfect moment really motivated me to give it my all. Not only are we telling a powerful story, the entirety of the HBF commercial felt like cinematography. To be involved with this production was an absolute honour. I look forward to doing more in the future.

For me, the takeaway is to never hesitate to try something new. I loved doing something different than what I am used to. Never stop testing what you're capable of. It might take a while to find your footing, but the benefit of what you will achieve is beyond compare. Telling the story of my dream turned into a nightmare is just another reminder to always keep going. In Rio, the race had finished, but my story wasn’t over. Getting back on the horse after you’ve fallen off is the most important thing you can do.

The experience in Rio may be one of the biggest setbacks I had to overcome, but the real race has just begun. Tokyo is only 3 years away and I’ve never been happier to return to my training. In life, the past doesn’t have to define you. It’s what you do next that matters.

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