Reach until it’s uncomfortable

Uncomfortable Moments.

I’m standing here bracing myself for the impact…

Sweat beading and rolling down the side of my face…

There’s a bang as a foot connects with the soccer ball and launches it into the air.

I reach out… stretch as far as I can, but it’s not enough and the ball flies past my hand, just out of reach of my fingertips.

uncomfortable moments

It’s the uncomfortable moments in life we remember not the easy ones.

When your time’s up you won’t lay there reminiscing the easy moments.

The fond memories will be the uncomfortable moments.

The moments in life that challenged you, the moments were you are at the edge of what you thought was possible which forced you to be better.

Appreciate the uncomfortable now… not when it’s too late.

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Hey, I’m Brant Garvey. I’m determined to build a culture of No Excuses. My only question is, will it be yours?

About Brant Garvey

I am a father, husband, congenital amputee, Paralympian, motivational speaker and creator of the No Xcuses Mindset.

Born missing my right leg below the knee, I could have taken the easy route, curled up in a corner and given up.

Instead, I chose to take control of my life.

I chose to overcome barriers and rid myself of the excuses that were stopping me from reaching my full potential.

And thus, the No Xcuses Mindset was born.