Why NoXcuses?

Obviously because I can’t spell.

Let’s start with a simple idea… What could you achieve if you stop making excuses? And I’m not talking about all the excuses we make daily, just that one excuse. Imagine what can you accomplish if you stop making that one debilitating excuse?

Being born with one leg, people made assumptions of what I could and couldn’t do. They were deciding for me of what was and wasn’t possible, even before I even had the chance to try it.

I didn’t know it at the time, but these assumptions were rubbing off on me and I started to believe those excuses as truths.

In 2013 I had a mental shift. I no longer wanted to accept these excuses as truths. I wanted to discover for myself if something was truly impossible, by trying everything I could to prove it wrong. This was when I adopted no excuses as my personal motto.

If I thought of doing something and my initial reaction was no I can’t do that with one leg, I immediately reposition that reaction from a hard no, to a possibility by setting it as a new challenge. Something that I had to conquer. Whether it was the CrossFit games, my first triathlon, getting sponsored as a disabled athlete, my first Ironman triathlon or the Paralympic Games, my mentality was — challenge accepted!

What is one excuse that you need to stop making?  I’m too old? I don’t have time? I don’t have the money?

No excuses and never quit not ever…

Brant Garvey

Brant Garvey

Paralympian & Professional Speaker

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